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FlexibleSolid part 6: Fresh straw for the guinea pigs

mei 06 2012

This morning I was vacuum cleaning the living room. We have three cats, two guinea pigs and a rabbit in our "zoo", so the floor gets dirty everyday. That's happens when you are guests in your own zoo... Before the cleaning my wife asked: please add some fresh straw in the cage of our guinea pigs and rabbit friends. The way she asked it was a kind of instruction to do it immediatly. Which is fine, but I had a different plan to get the straw in the cage.

Quick fix - or Solid fix
I knew that the bag where the straw was wrapped in had a hole. Claerly because of the straw track through the house. So I had the plan to put a sticker on the hole to make sure the leak was repaired for this week. And wanted to finalize the vacuuming. However, the idea of my wife was to refresh the straw first and than vacuuming the floor. Which is a good idea also.
The metaphor
Here is a different way of thinking; the quick fix and the longer term. I think both are necessary everywhere: at home in privat life and at work also. Here you have the principle of quick fix (dayly routine) and the long term. You need both and you need both type of people in your company. Only than you can have a long lasting relationship between your company, clients and employees. At a clients's company they did struggle with this issue because they had to many long-term-thinkers and to few short-term-thinkers. The result was that everybody wanted to join the "product development team" and only very few were interested in making the day go smoothly.
The right balance
You develop a big problem when you let the wrong balance grow and evolve. The unbalance results in a ship that hangs to starboard with an enormous chance to capsize. Maybe the different way of thinking and how we respect each other view is the secret of our succes in relationship at our home ánd work.   Dou you know how the balance works at your (work) place?   Sibren designs and develops is a quality design agency with a 100% digital team. 

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